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What's Near Us?

Located near the heart of SIngapore's CBD and shopping districts, we are close to many attractions, malls, restaurants, amenities and public transportation. Here's a sneak peek of what's nearby...


Nearby Attractions

  • Orchard Road 1.91 km

  • Singapore Flyer 2.32 km

  • Sands Skypark 2.68 km

  • Gardens by the Bay  3 km


Transport and Amenities

  • 350m to DT22 Jalan Besar MRT Station

  • 500m to DT12 Little India MRT Station

  • Street parking available

  • Nearby amenities within 2 min walk


In the Neighbourhood

  • 5 min walk to Mustafa Centre

  • 10 min walk to Bugis Junction

  • Huge variety of dining and entertainment options 

  • Rich and vibrant neighbourhood

  • Nearby amenities within 2 min walk

Nearby Attractions
and Places of Interest

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is an iconic horticultural wonderland, captivating visitors with its fusion of nature, technology, and sustainable design. Spanning 250 acres in the heart of the city, it comprises three waterfront gardens: Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Bay South, the largest, is renowned for its towering Supertrees, vertical gardens that serve as sustainable ecosystems and dazzling light displays by night.


The Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, two massive conservatories, house diverse plant species from around the world, including rare and exotic flora. Beyond its aesthetic allure, Gardens by the Bay champions environmental conservation and education, exemplified by its innovative green initiatives and educational programs.


As a symbol of Singapore's commitment to sustainable urban development, this botanical marvel continues to inspire and enchant visitors, offering a harmonious blend of nature and innovation amidst the bustling cityscape.

The Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore stands as the bustling epicenter of the nation's economic prowess and urban vibrancy. Spanning the southern region of the island, it is a dynamic hub of finance, commerce, and culture, characterized by its towering skyscrapers, modern infrastructure, and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


The CBD hosts an array of multinational corporations, financial institutions, and government offices, driving Singapore's status as a global financial center and leading business destination in Southeast Asia. Beyond its economic significance, the district boasts a vibrant mix of dining, entertainment, and retail options, catering to both locals and international visitors.


With its seamless blend of modernity and tradition, the Singapore CBD represents the city-state's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, making it a symbol of Singapore's dynamic spirit and economic resilience.

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic landmark in Singapore, synonymous with luxury, entertainment, and architectural splendor. Dominating the skyline with its distinctive three-tower structure, it is a world-renowned integrated resort located in the heart of Marina Bay.


Boasting a diverse array of attractions, including a sprawling casino, luxury shopping mall, theaters, art exhibitions, and a cutting-edge convention center, Marina Bay Sands offers an unparalleled experience for visitors. Its most iconic feature is the SkyPark, an expansive rooftop oasis perched atop the towers, offering panoramic views of the city skyline and the stunning Marina Bay.


With its blend of opulence, innovation, and cultural significance, Marina Bay Sands has become a symbol of Singapore's transformation into a global destination for leisure and entertainment, attracting millions of visitors from around the world each year.


Little India is a vibrant cultural enclave nestled within the bustling cityscape of Singapore. Rich in history and tradition, this colorful district offers a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and flavors. Lined with traditional shophouses adorned with intricate facades, Little India is a bustling hub of activity, where the vibrant energy of its streets and markets captivates visitors.


From fragrant spice shops and sari emporiums to bustling street stalls and lively temples, the area exudes the essence of Indian culture and heritage. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere, sampling authentic Indian cuisine, exploring ornate Hindu temples, and browsing through an eclectic array of shops selling everything from textiles to jewelry.


With its kaleidoscope of experiences, Little India stands as a testament to Singapore's multicultural identity and serves as a vibrant celebration of Indian culture in the heart of the city.

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